UPMC's scientific digital library

Search in the digital library

Only the digitized collections are searchable (not the pages of the site).

When you use the simple search (available at the top of each page), words are searched for both in bibliographic records (i.e title, author etc.) and on the full text of the documents. Results are sorted by pertinence (number of occurrences, etc.).

Here are a few search tips :

  • Truncation : you can include word variants by replacing the end of a word by the sign *
    Your search scien* will then retrieve variants, for example results for science, scientifique, scientist, etc.
  • Boolean operators if you enter several terms, the search engine retrieves results with all the terms first, and with at least one term. You may associate the words in your query by using AND, OR, NOT to combine them.
  • Fuzzy search : add the sign ~ at the end of your search term.

Advanced search

You can also perform an advanced search.

Advanced search enables to launch a query specifying in which fields the terms are to be found and combining these fields :

  • title,
  • author,
  • words of the bibliographic record (excluding the full text of the documents),
  • full text of the documents(excluding the bibliographic record).