UPMC's scientific digital library

Charcot collection

The BUPMC keeps in the Bibliothèque de Neurosciences Jean-Martin Charcot, historical collections mainly constituted by J.M. Charcot's personal library (books, journals, theses and offprint collections, manuscripts, observations, neurological covering the second part of the XIXth century) to which is added the Salpêtrière Interns' library (books, journals, neurology and psychiatry theses thèses for the period 1900-1950).

Part of these collections was digitized with the double aim of preserving the original documents and ensuring the valorization of collections notable for their iconography :

  • manuscripts of lessons and observations by J.M. Charcot (1825-1893),
  • volumes of his complete works dealing with illnesses of the nervous system,
  • atlases with remarkable illustrations,
  • rare journals, such as the Revue de l’Hypnotisme or the famous Iconographie Photographique de la Salpêtrière (3 volumes of observations of hystero-epileptic patients, with photographic illustrations of the different moments of the crisis).

The collection has been enhanced with four sets of documents, selected among Charcot's library and the Salpêtrière Interns' library and reflecting the treasures of the library, as well as the work of Charcot's colleagues and successors :

  • 9 treatises published between the XVIth and the XIXth centuries,
  • the Archives de neurologie (1880-1907),
  • the Nouvelle Iconographie de la Salpêtrière (1888-1918),
  • the Recherches cliniques et thérapeutiques sur l’épilepsie, l’hystérie et l’idiotie (1872 -1906) published by Désiré Magloire Bourneville.