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Giard collection

The BUPMC preserves in its section Biologie Recherche the library constituted by Alfred Giard (1846-1908), French zoologist who contributed to the dissemination of the idea of the evolution of species in France. The collection exemplifies the research led by the scientist at the Lille Faculty of science, where he first worked, at the Wimereux maritime zoology laboratory, created and funded by his own contribution in 1874, at the Ecole normale supérieure (from 1887), at the chair in history of evolution of organized beings (which he was the first appointed to in 1888) and at the Académie des sciences (1900). The collection shows how difficult was the adoption of the theory of evolution by the French university, but the number of research works in descriptive biology still used in parasitology and marine biology makes it exceed the pure historical interest.

The monographs selected for digitization include in particular books by A. Giard’s followers, as Félix le Dantec (1896-1917), works by A. Giard, like his “Titres et travaux scientifiques” published in 1896, or the lectures given in Edinburgh by the evolutionism supporter Henry de Varigny (1855-1934).

The monographs selection was made in collaboration with Mr. Gérard Molina, associate professor in biology and professor at Paris IUFM, and Mr. Dominique Lecourt, philosophy professor at Paris Diderot - Paris 7 University and director of the Centre Georges Canguilhem.