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History of geology

This collection in history of geology includes mainly printed monographs in french language, a few offprints and two manuscripts, ranging from the end of the XVIIIth century to the beginning of the XXth century. The domains most represented are of course general geology, theories of the earth, paleontology, stratigraphy and mineralogy.

To a lesser extent, petrography, geophysics, hydrology and applied geology are also present in the collection.

The works mainly belong to the old stock of the CADIST in earth sciences, a stock inherited from several laboratories (the Sorbonne geology lab also known as "fonds Lucas", the palaeontology of vertebrates lab, the petrology lab etc.) and from the personal libraries of several Professors (Hébert, Vélain…). Because of its historical and patrimonial value, this stock deserved highlighting and wider accessibility. Several works belonging to special libraries of the UPMC (IMPMC…) enrich the collection.

History of geology specialists worked with the library to select the documents, thus creating a corpus of founding texts in the history and teaching of earth sciences.

Through theoretical works, letters, travel books, lesson notes and handbooks, the debates and exchanges between major authors in palaeontology and geology outline the birth of a discipline and its first developments.

The digitization of bibliographical indications for several authors in the collection will complement it in the near future.