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The Société géologique de France (French Geological Society) has been established on 17 March 1830 and declared of public interest in 1832. Its statutes declare the objective of ”contributing to the advancement of Earth and Planetary Sciences, both intrinsically and through linkages with industry, agriculture, environment and education”. The French Geological Society has quickly counted among its members both French (Alcide d'Orbigny, president in 1843, Léonce Elie de Beaumont, etc.) and foreign scientists (Ami Boué, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, etc.).

From the beginning the French Geological Society publishes the "Bulletin de la Société géologique de France" and from 1833 the "Mémoires de la Société géologique de France" ; these journals are carried on publication. The BUPMC’s digitization project concerns the volumes of these titles which are in the public domain ; they are preserved in the section "CADIST in earth sciences" of the BUPMC.

Original issues of some publications are available from the French Geological Society.

The BUPMC continues digitizing and publishing online the "Mémoires de la Société géologique de France" published between 1881 and 1923. The BUPMC undertakes to remove any content on request of the authors or their legal claimants.